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Cherry Street Yoga


We believe in the power of yoga
and we believe in the generosity of people.
We are so certain that yoga works
that we will let each person that arrives for yoga
decide what to give.

We believe that yoga should be available
to all of the people,
regardless of monetary differences
and bank accounts.

We believe that yoga unifies communities
and it is through the acceptance of all people
that we can be an example of real change.

We believe that your clothes don’t make you better
and neither does your car or your job,
but the simple act of showing up
completely in a place of acceptance
makes your humanity shine brilliantly.


Melissa Cameron
Melissa CameronOwner / Yoga Instructor
Melissa is a serial entrepreneur and has been working for herself since 2003. Once the owner and operator of Natural Lullabies, a retail store and community center that opened in 2003 in South Tulsa. Melissa also developed and still teaches a holistic childbirth education curriculum called Pure Birth which incorporates mindfulness into birth. She has been teaching childbirth classes and attending births as a doula since 2003 with over 160 births and over 1,500 childbirth classes. Melissa has also been involved in many other projects and has opened two different yoga studios.

Melissa also has enjoyed sharing yoga in many different capacities since her first yoga teacher training in 2005 and has taught over 2,500 yoga classes. She believes that yoga exists within all people and it has been her mission for 13 years to find creative and sustainable ways to help others find their own personal power through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Melissa teaches all different types of yoga classes including prenatal yoga, beginners yoga, vinyasa yoga, and power vinyasa yoga. She believes that vinyasa yoga is an awakening to the soul and provides a portal to a deep understanding of the self.

She has been a Director of the I AM Yoga, Art + Music Festival since 2011. Melissa also teaches Mindfulness and Empowered Living Classes in many different environments such as companies, schools, and a prison work-release program. Melissa is a single mother of four sons ranging from 2 – 15 years old and graduated from the University of Tulsa in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Finance).

Ana Berry
Ana BerryYoga Instructor
Ana first discovered her love for yoga with a Rodney Yee VHS yoga video at age 12. That discovery has continued to guide her through the constant vinyasa of life with over 20 years of practicing and 5 years of teaching. She has studied many forms of yoga with leading teachers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York but while living in LA, she was fortunate to find her teacher; Mark Whitwell, founder of The Heart of Yoga. Rooted in the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, the Heart of Yoga principles hit home with Ana more than anything else. Studying with Mark for 4 years in LA, she received her 500-hour teacher certification on a spiritual pilgrimage and training in India.

Ana has traveled with Mark Whitwell, as his assistant and guest teacher the past 2 years. Ana has taught at Esalen for a Heart of Yoga teachers intensive and training (2016), she was recently in Bali for the Bali Spirit Fest assisting Mark and most recently, Ana was at the 2017 Telluride Yoga Festival with Mark.

Ana’s approach to teaching starts with the heart, is centered around the breath, giving each student a full mind/body workout. Tapping into the hidden emotions and stagnant energy stuck in the body, in class we have an opportunity to become our own alchemist and transform that which does not serve us into energy that does. To facilitate that shift, Ana uses guided meditation, world music, affirmations and chanting along with strengthening, lengthening and sometimes challenging asanas to create a well-rounded class that welcomes all.

Grant Johnson
Grant JohnsonYoga Instructor
Coming Soon.
Justin Walker
Justin WalkerYoga Instructor
My name is Justin Walker and I finished my RYT-200 teacher training because I believe yoga is for everyone and not just for the super flexible people you see in the pictures. I started practicing yoga 6 years ago as a way to help my tight legs. Being a competitive ultra-runner, my body was so tight I couldn’t even come close to touching my toes. After I dedicated myself to practicing regularly, I quickly noticed a difference.
My yoga practice has been my secret weapon to staying healthy while running 70-100 miles per week. Yoga to me is all about connecting back to our bodies through breath and movement, tapping into our bodies internal wisdom and strength. We are all stronger than we ever realize, both mentally and physically.

I like to move slow in my classes, focusing on moving the body with the breath through the postures. Come slow down on your mat with me, disconnect from our busy lives and reconnect back to your body!

Kassie Patton
Kassie PattonYoga Instructor
Yoga has been my saving grace. I came to Yoga because life’s struggles and trauma had accumulated in my body and mind. I needed a change and a way forward that would relieve the pain while avoiding surgery and medication. My chiropractor suggested Yoga. So I began studying and practicing at home. I did that for 2 years before ever stepping foot in a studio. I have always been active, but not always in a healthy way. I’ve done it all, ballet, gymnastics, dance, pilates, kickboxing, weightlifting, HIIT, Bar, Tae Bo (lol).., & while they all helped me maintain my weight and temporarily elevated my mood, they didn’t get at the deeper layers.
Enter Yoga.

After 6 years of practice, Yoga has helped restore a sense of peace, freedom, balance, purpose and calm to my life. It has improved my relationships with others and with myself, enabling me to be a better mother, friend and spouse. What I have learned on the mat has permeated and transformed all aspects of my life off the mat; relieving anxiety, depression, and back pain. I received my certification to teach from Everyone Yoga School in Tulsa.

Lindsay Morgan
Lindsay MorganYoga Instructor
Lindsay has pursued health and physical excellence for most of her life through sports, martial arts, and as a fitness instructor. She holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Purple Yoga in Fullerton, California in 2012. Lindsay teaches challenging vinyasa yoga with emphasis on strength and alignment. She is a mentor for Everyone Yoga School, acroyoga teacher, and Crossfit coach with Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Mobility, and Crossfit Gymnastics certificates. Lindsay has been vegan since 2011, and is a member of the non-profit, Plantbuilt, which is an international team of vegan athletes that raises funds for animal sanctuaries.
Rachel Moss
Rachel MossYoga Instructor
Rachel Moss found yoga through a ballet related injury in her early teens and instantly connected with the strong, fluid, and creative practice that yoga could be. She was intrigued by the freedom of movement, alignment, and intentional breathing of the practice.
What started off as a purely physical hobby to maintain flexibility and strength slowly but surely evolved into something much deeper and powerful over the years.

Rachel completed her RYT 200 program in April of 2016 with a strong calling to share her love of powerful and creative movement with others.

A student at heart, Rachel promptly enrolled for higher training within her first year of teaching and is currently on her way to being a RYT-500 teacher. She is also in the process of completing her Aerial Yoga Teacher certification.

Rachel has a passion for music and you can expect to hear a wide array of genres throughout her classes.

Renee Beck
Renee BeckYoga Instructor
Renee Beck Klimisch is a certified Prana Vinyasa instructor. She has received degrees of B.S. Chemistry, M.B.A. Finance, and is working toward a degree in Naturopathy. Renee has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She was first introduced to Bikram Yoga and studied asana and yogic philosophy with Greg McCann of the Bikram School of India. Curiosity and her love of learning led her to expand her practice to Vinyasa styles. She attended workshops and immersions with notable instructors such as Baron Baptiste, Tias Little, and Desiree Rambaugh.
Gracie Born
Gracie BornYoga Instructor
Gracie was first introduced to yoga through Bikram as a form of exercise. Over the years that followed she learned of the variety of yoga styles available and the multitude of benefits that they offer, both physical and emotional. Her practice embodies a spirit of celebration for the body and compliments its crucial functions of digestion, circulation, hormone & nerve regulation and the breath. She believes in the healing power of synergy and co-regulation in yoga as it strengthens our awareness of and connection to ourselves and each other. Her classes are opportunities to practice mind/body awareness through articulation & breath and pull from Yin, Hatha, Iyengar and Restorative Yoga. Gracie graduated from EveryOne Yoga School with her 200-hour teaching certification in March of 2017.
Beth Ann Wallace
Beth Ann WallaceYoga Instructor
Beth Ann practiced yoga in Tulsa for more than 10 years before earning her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certificate in Classical Ashtanga yoga under the teachings of Baba Hari Dass from Mount Madonna Institute School of Yoga in Watsonville, CA in July 2017. This month-long immersion training experience truly changed her life and further ignited her passion for yoga.
Her teaching style focuses on renewing and restoring by calming the nervous system, aligning healing breath with intentional movement, and encouraging kindness and self-care by practicing being present in the moment and taking any necessary modifications or alternatives for poses during a practice. She believes that nothing should be forced as each breath, movement and posture are done consciously.
In addition to earning her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) Yoga Alliance certification, Beth Ann is certified in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT) and Hip Hop Hatha (H3), both through EveryOne Yoga School in Tulsa. Beth Ann is also currently enrolled in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (RYT-300) through EveryOne Yoga School. She looks forward to sharing, learning and growing with her yoga class students.

The History of Cherry Street Yoga

We opened in April 2016 in our beautiful, urban building located at 15th and Trenton. Opened by Melissa Cameron who was inspired to create a yoga community where quality and accessibility are the priority. The simple model of #paywhatyoucanforyoga allows everyone a chance to experience the benefits of mindful movement, meditation and a healthier lifestyle.


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